Just the Facts: The Human Body: Musculoskeletal

by Cerebellum
SKU: GH1643

With commentary form medical experts and specialists in sports medicine, The Human Body -- The Musculoskeletal System offers viewers a unique perspective on the body system which allows us to walk, run, dance and move through life.Without its skeleton, the human body would be a shapeless bag of flesh.Without muscles, it would be as immobile as a tree. Together, the skeleton, joints and muscles of the human body create an astounding array of motion, form the graceful movements of a ballerina, to the powerful strides of an athlete, to the intricate precision of a musician's fingers. This first part of The Human BodyåÊseries examines the structure of our skeleton and the function of our muscles. Viewers learn how our bones provide the rigid support necessary to hold any position, while our joints give us the remarkable range of motion needed to run, dance, climb, or simply to walk, sit and bend. In addition, we discover how our muscles and associated tendons and ligaments are constructed to allow them to change shape functions,as well as how bone growth occurs. This video also takes viewers on a tour of the most wondrous part of the skeleton, the skull, seemingly a solid bone with teeth, but actually far more than that. The program also explores the amazing human hand one of the most versatile structures among all species because it performs a most versatile structures among all species because it performs a remarkable range of tasks, from wielding a hammer to playing a Mozart sonata. Our feet, ankles and knees are also constructed to perform multiple tasks and endure incredible stress over the course of a lifetime. The Just the Facts Learning Series brings you the finest in educational programming and features a fast-paced format that makes learning fun. Other videos in The Human Body series include The Musculoskeletal System and Major Systems and Organs.