Just the Facts: Adventures of Zimmo: Boats

by Cerebellum
SKU: GH1652

Just the Facts: Adventures of Zimmo: BoatsIn this episode of the Adventures of Zimmo, join Zimmo from the planet Zorlon as he shares fun and interesting facts about boats and sailing ships.åÊ Climb aboard the deck of the Star of India, the world‰۪s oldest sailing ships.åÊ Raise the sails, learn about pirates and mermaids, steer the ship, and explore the cargo deck and sleeping quarters with shipmate David.åÊ Learn about steamboats, ferries and cruise ships.åÊ Cruise the harbor with Zimmo.åÊ With 3/4 of the earth covered in water, boats are most certainly an important part of transportation!åÊ Collect all 5 exciting Adventures of Zimmo: Trains; Emergency Vehicles; Trucks, Boats and Flying Machines!Ages 3-8