Journey Into Wisdom

by Anchor
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Journey into Wisdom\ tells the story of Colin and his friend Peter and their exciting spiritual journey from a tentative, elementary understanding of wisdom to a deep, life-changing experience which gives them a soul-satisfying relationship with God. Their journey takes the form of a canoe trip down the River of Wisdom to the Sea of Tranquility, leading them through adventures and learning experiences that teach them the principles of wisdom. Along the way, they develop their understanding of what true wisdom looks like. They meet with different people, teachers, and challenges that help them mature in their Christian wisdom. Join Colin and Peter on their surprising and eventful journey. The journey could transform your whole understanding of what wisdom is and lead you into a stimulating, fulfilling, and ever-growing relationship with God. About the Author: Bill Stewart was born and raised in Scotland. After completing his college education, he married Rita and moved to Kansas City, Missouri, where Bill attended seminary to continue his training. Upon graduation, Bill and Rita moved to Canada to begin their ministry and Bill completed his work for a doctorate at Fuller Theological Seminary in California. Bill and Rita have three sons. They have devoted their ministry lives to serving in Canada, where they pastored churches both in the West and in Toronto. In 1983, Bill was appointed by his denomination to supervise the churches in Atlantic Canada. In 1994, he was elected as national director for his denomination in Canada. Bill has been a contributing author for a number of books and articles. He also authored companion books to this one, entitled \Journey into Holiness\ and \Journey into Prayer.\