Josiah Generation

by Anchor
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Enter the Josiah Generation… this book outlines a growing revolution in children\'s ministry, where children are not seen merely as the potential leaders of the Church of tomorrow, but as a vital, relevant part of the Church\'s ministry now. Examining the life of Josiah - who became king of Judah while still a boy - and using real life testimonies, this book will help prepare the Church to expect great things from this rising generation.

\It is always exciting to hear of children\'s lives being transformed by the power of Jesus, but this book gives us more than that - this is the story of Jesus working through children to transform the lives of others. It is inspirational and transformational.\ -John Coles, Chairman, New Wine

\There is a generation arising who will see entire cities saved and nations transformed for the glory of God. Olly Goldenberg boldly declares not only what God intends to do in a generation, but what He is currently doing. This book will not only train you, but even more importantly, it will impart to you the courage necessary to see revival.\ -Banning Liebscher, Director, Jesus Culture