Jesus Calling: The Story Of Easter (Picture Book) (Jan 2020)

by Anchor
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Jesus Calling®: The Story of Easter from bestselling author Sarah Young uses storytelling from throughout the Bible, simple Bible verses, and short Jesus Calling® devotions to show kids how Easter was part of God\'s plan from the very beginning.Before the earth was formed, God had a plan to save us. Through the Old Testament prophets, God told about a Savior. And throughout Jesus\' teachings and miracles, God revealed that Jesus, His Son, is the Savior! From the bestselling author of Jesus Calling® comes this beautiful picture book that teaches kids how Easter has always been a part of God\'s story and is a part of their own story today.Vibrant illustrations, relevant Scripture verses, and rich reflections from Young\'s children\'s devotional combine to make a beautiful Easter book for children eager to know more about God\'s eternal love for them. Help your kids connect with God in a whole new way through Jesus Calling®: The Story of Easter and this closer look at how all of God\'s Word points us to His plan for Easter morning.