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\The Prince is dead...\ Beladar\'s scheming was one step closer to fulfilling his plan to overthrow Jashar. Years of war between his homeland of Eshek, and this island kingdom had failed. But, as an emissary of peace, the dark lord had insidiously, and patiently, climbed to the esteemed position of Counselor to the king. He grew stronger and bolder, as he delved deeper into the dark arts, releasing darkness, which quickly spread out across the land. Everything was now falling into place - all except for a valley next to a lake, where a few citizens of Jashar were flocking to as they were forced to flee the anarchy being loosed everywhere. Would the people really be able to rally and fight back against overwhelming odds which were growing stronger by the day? Or were they sealing their own fate, even as the enemy sealed them in this valley. As the people begin to find new hope in the God of their forefathers, a group of travelers race across Jashar, chased by enemy warriors. Their destination, like the rest, is the valley that has become a refuge for so many. Can they make a difference, or will the light in this valley be snuffed out forever by Beladar?