James: Faith That Works (Preaching The Word) (ESV Edition)

by Anchor
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In James: Faith that Works series editor and top contributor Kent Hughes shows that is an incredibly convicting book that answers the faith and works question from a different angle, namely that good works are an intrinsic part of what it is to be justified \'by grace alone\'. Rather than a contradiction to Paul-as many tell it today-Hughes shows us that James\' word are complimentary-though every bit as convicting as they make us feel.

This volume continues the expository focus of the Preaching the Word series, and Hughes\' well trained exegetical eye brings the epistle to life with candor, insight, and sound doctrinal teaching. Particular emphases of the commentary include:

joyful endurance in times of trial
true wisdom
recognizing and resisting temptation in a tempting world
beyond knowing the Word of God: doing
the telltale signs of real faith
perils of the tongue
humility and grace
the divine prescription for healing
the prayer of the righteous