Is the Big Bang Biblical?

by New Leaf Press
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Almost everyone has an interest in science. Whether we're simply star-gazing, or conducting laboratory experiments, studying the world around us offers marvelous opportunities to learn. As the natural world unfolds around us, it also prompts philosophical questions: Where did it all come from? Did someone make all this? Geologist and author John Morris, President of the Institute for Creation Research, if often asked a host of questions about how our world came to be. In this book, he answers a hundred of the most common questions, and the variety of topics will excite readers of all ages. In his clear, non-technical style, Morris tackles the following: Has evidence for Noah's flood been found in the Black Sea? Can science prove the Bible? Doesn't carbon dating prove the earth is old? If all animals were created as plant eaters, why do some have sharp teeth? Is there water on the moon? What about stem cell research? And many more!