Intimacy With God

by Anchor
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Readers will come away with a newfound appreciation for what it means to pursue an intimate relationship with God and with a clearer understanding of how obedience in the context of such a relationship leads one to a lifestyle that mirrors the life and ministry of Jesus.What does it mean to pursue an intimate relationship with God?intimacy, obedience, and the miraculous as a blueprint for all believers. Combining sound biblical teaching with keen insight and compelling personal accounts from others, Dr. Clark invites us to go deeper by exploring the following questions:How do we achieve true intimacy in our relationship with God?What does it mean to express faith that results in the miraculous?What does the Bible say about the balance between obedience and grace?A clear understanding of the integral relationship between intimacy and obedience provides a framework in today?s world for glorifying God, particularly through the miraculous, as Dr. Clark has so profoundly demonstrated during his many years of ministry. He longs for you to renew your knowledge of God?s deep love for His children and how fervently God desires a life of intimate friendship with you.