Intimacy With Christ (Guyon Speaks Again)

by Anchor
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Within the pages of this book you will find spiritual insight and Christian counseling from church history\'s best-known woman. These letters contain her advice as shared with common people, famous people and clergy who sought her guidance.

You will receive from her, help in such areas as discouragement, failure, self-conciousness, poor self-esteem, emotional ups and downs, sorrow, embarrassment, and persecution.

She will counsel you concerning decision making, your search for God\'s will in your life, and following Him and uncertainties.

You will come away from this book with more understanding of accepting others, even your opposites and responding to Christians who are at odds with you. You will gain a new perspective on peoples\' faults, as well as the church\'s short-comings.

Guyon lights up the precious and powerful value of Christian fellowship. She offers advice and encouragement for Christian workers. Guyon will meet you where you are in your walk with Christ.