Interpreting The Gospel Of John (2nd Edition)

by Anchor
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This tried and true classroom favorite by respected New Testament scholar Gary Burge has been praised for its usefulness. The expanded second edition has been revised throughout to take account of current scholarship and introduces software tools that have become available since the original edition was published. Combining original insight with how-to guidance, this textbook helps students interpret the Gospel of John and apply it in teaching and preaching.


Preface to the Second Edition
Preface to the First Edition
Part 1: Before You Begin
1. History of Interpretation
2. Who Wrote the Gospel of John?
3. How the Fourth Gospel Was Built
4. Johannine Style
Part 2: Strategies for Interpretation
5. The Text
6. The Literary Context
7. Building a Bibliography
8. The Cultural Context
9. Word Studies in John: Part 1--Word Searches
10. Word Studies in John: Part 2--Word Meanings
Part 3: Preaching and Teaching from the Fourth Gospel
11. The Problem of Horizons
12. Preaching from John
13. Commentaries