Intelligent Design Vs Evolution

by Anchor
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Ray Comfort carries on a long e-mail conversation with a self-avowed atheist who thinks Ray is a complete idiot in believing that the universe was created by God. Ray doesn\'t hit the delete button. Instead, he patiently answers the man\'s challenges one by one. As the conversation progresses, the atheist\'s confidence in his own beliefs begins to waver.

The debate is passionate, heated, personal, tender, humorous, and engaging. Ray punctuates each point he makes with an aside for the reader, explaining his rationale and giving the reader generous resource material. The net effect is a lesson in evangelism—perhaps the most unusual ever constructed.

Ray Comfort co-hosts (with Kirk Cameron) the award-winning television show, \The Way of the Master,\ and the companion radio program, which premiered in the fall of 2005. He is the author of more than 40 books, including The Evidence Bible, Spurgeon Gold, Whitefield Gold, The One-Minute Devotional, Overcoming Panic Attacks, and The Way of the Master. His ministry has been commended by David Wilkerson, Franklin Graham, Ravi Zacharius, Joni Eareckson Tada, John MacArthur, Josh McDowell and many other Christian leaders. He and his wife live in Southern California. They have three grown children. . . Great for atheist of all shapes.