In The Land of Blue Burqas

by Anchor
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The author speaks the local language and has interviewed and conversed with hundreds of Afghans, both men and women. She listened to their stories and lived among them. And in the midst of all of that, she found Kingdom responses to the beliefs Afghani Muslims hold to be true.Fascinating and fast paced, In the Land of Blue Burqas depicts sharing the love and truth of Christ with women living in Afghanistan, \ he world\'s most dangerous county in which to be born a women,\ according to the July 20, 2011 issue of The Boston Globe. These stories are honest and true. The harsh reality of their lives is not sugar-coated and that adds to the impact of the book. Through storytelling the author shows how people who don\'t know Christ come to see Him, His truth and His beauty. The stories provide insight into how a Jesus-follower brought Jesus\' teachings of the Kingdom of God to Afghanistan. They reveal the splendor of Christ, the desire of human hearts, and that precious moment where the two meet.This is a collection of vignettes tethered together by the real danger that women face as subjects of the Afghan version of Islam. They are firsthand accounts from the authors experience drawn from living in this very hostile environment for women. The reader will see just how revolutionary Christ\'s message is today, and how radical it was during Christ\'s lifetime - the present day Afghan cultural attitudes are not unlike they were 2000 years ago. All the names of those involved - including Kate\'s - plus the locations have been changed to protect the participants. Just take a few minutes and read the opening pages. You\'ll be hooked.