In The Company Of Decent Men

by Anchor
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In the Company of Decent Men is a political action thriller with its share of true heroes. These are not superheroes or darky flawed stick figures of extraordinarily violent and fantastic behavior. These heroes are instead the good, decent and ordinary men and women who always have been a preponderant element in the high drama of life especially when compared with people publicly adored as heroes, deserved or not. The significant and minor characters, even the bad ones, all have substance. The book examines the length of life\'s shadows cast beyond a single event and one generation, where good begets good, evil can beget more evil, and the variances in between. It is not a story focusing only on an old war, but is an opportunity to examine one set of shadows and perceptions in the context of the Navy\'s coastal and inland war in Vietnam and 35 years thereafter in the context of a national election. This examination is beyond the superficial.