In Search Of The Heroes: George Washington Carver And Thomas Edison DVD 2-Pack

by CDI - In Search of Heroes

CAUTION: This Emmy award winning In Search of the Heroes DVD series is intended for mature high school students and adults, and includes scenes which depict real life situations about peer pressure, bigotry, drug and alcohol usage, and mild violence. This is done solely for dramatic effect in order to help teach students positive character values through the lives of both modern day teenagers and heroes of the past. The series stars NEST Advisory Board member Dr. Reg Grant, Professor of Pastoral Studies at the Dallas Theological Seminary and is produced by Greg Vaughn, the Founder and President of the "Letters from Dad" ministry.Dr. George Washington Carver was faced with a life-changing decision, over 100 years ago.Despite being deaf at the age of thirteen and having only three months of formal education, Thomas Edison managed to become the foremost inventor of all time.The story of these two great men is told through the eyes of present day youth, mysteriously transported to the time that they made history. One, a boy who was struggling to get that one last chance to set his life right after dealing with drugs, alcohol, and cheating on his girlfriend. The other, a pair of girls with a strong competitive streak pitted against each other for the best science project so that one of them may be able to attain their school‰۪s grand prize--to witness the launch of the space shuttle.These two DVDs tell these historical stories in a way that will teach and entertain children of all ages. They are able to provide lessons in working together and having the courage to do what's right.Both DVDs include a Teacher's Guide and Student Handbook.Don't miss out and purchase The Peanut Man and For All Mankind together in this specially priced package!