In His Arms (Coming To America (Zondervan))

by Anchor
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Mary Malone, a young Irish woman, moves to New York in 1898 to join the father of her child. But before she arrives in America, he is killed in a mining accident, so she is forced to find employment as a maid for the wealthy Winston Kenrick and his wife. When he tries to have his way with Mary, she hits him over the head with a heavy object. Thinking she has killed him and fearing she will lose her little boy if she is found out, she runs away.

On the train going west, she meets the owner of an Idaho saloon who takes Mary under her wing and gives her a job as a bookkeeper. She falls in love with the town’s handsome sheriff. Meanwhile Kenrick has hired a private detective to find Mary and the heavy \weapon\ she used to hit him--a silver box with a hidden compartment containing papers about the money he has secretly stolen from his wife.

A mining accident, a kidnapping, an explosion, and finally love revealed bring the story to the satisfying conclusion that true love can overcome anything from the past.