Improve Typing Speed & Accuracy

by TMW
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The Almena Method is an innovative method that teaches all the principles of writing, speed building and computer keyboard touch typing in One Easy Lesson. An Essential Skill for Success in Higher Learning Institutions & Professional Career Development. It is a proven application and is the primary teaching tool for computer keyboard typing skills. This program is designed for job training and career building skills. Students will learn all 26 letters of the alphabet in one quick easy lesson along with practice lessons to develop accuracy and speed building to 80 wpm. The skill of typing is now a survival skill in the workplace. The thought of 'hunting-and-pecking" your way through a long document or data list is enough to intimidate and frustrate the otherwise most capable employee or student. The Almena Methodå¨ uses proven techniques for skill building and eliminating typing errors. Teaches: Easy to follow accuracy development drills. Techniques for achieving high speeds with speed tests. Build high speeds up to 80 wpm in record time! How to type letters, memos, resumes & legal documents. Training for technology jobs & careers. Almena King - The Almena Methodå¨ was created by Almena King, a life-long educator and officially released at the University of London Institute of Education. The tremendous success of Almena's program led to the British Government's Basic Skill Unit piloting, approving and naming it "The Almena Methodå¨." Today, thousands of students have used and are using The Almena Methodå¨. Almena has been the recipient of several Awards including a Commendation from former Mayer of Los Angeles ‰ÛÒ Tom Bradley for ‰ÛÏsimplicity, effectiveness‰۝... She was also nominated as ‰ÛÏan outstanding contributor in the field of education and training‰۝, by The American Association of Training and Development.