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\'How do people perceive you?If you had to make a list of the traits people thought about when thinking of you, what words would be on that list? Deep thinking? Hardworking? Passionate?What about Loving?In order to be the leader God intends you to be, love?above all?should be your primary goal. You can?t lead well without putting others? needs before your own. In Impact: Releasing the Power of Influence, you will be challenged and encouraged regarding how to become a strong, loving leader. That is not only what God wants you to be, it?s also what your peers and mentors need you to be.In these pages, you?ll find timeless and invaluable guidance on crucial topics:? Earning respect? Creating 10X moments? Finding your values? Building relationships? And more!If you desire to make an impact on others, you must love others the way the Lord loves them?and you. Join global pastor and conference leader Scott Wilson on an incredible journey by leaving your comfort zone and learning how to multiply your IMPACT!\'