Hurt And The Healer

by Anchor
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The hurt is easy to see. It‰۪s all around us. Every day. Fortunately, so is the healing."‰Û_.And every day the hurt and the healer collide.It‰۪s that moment when humanity is overcome by majesty.When grace is ushered in for good and all our scars are understood.When mercy takes its rightful place and all these questions fade awayAnd out of weakness we must bow and hear You say I‰۪m alive."-Lyrics from the title track ‰ÛÏThe Hurt and The Healer‰۝The Hurt & The HealeråÊis a celebration of that moment when these two worlds collide.... the deep need for healing and the God who provides it.Produced by Brown Bannister and Dan Muckula,åÊThe Hurt & The HealeråÊfeatures signature MercyMe anthems, engaging pop songs and worshipful and intimate moments. The title track radio single is sure to find its place at the top of Christian radio to continue the band‰۪s uninterrupted string of number 1 hits.Join hands with MercyMe, bringing those who are hurting closer to the Healer