Hope For A Woman's Heart (May 2021)

by Anchor
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A 52-day devotional to uplift and encourage a woman?s heart, by the author of Ripple Effects (and Tim Tebow?s mom!)As Pam Tebow travels around the world to speak with women, she hears firsthand about the struggles and concerns they face. Now, in Hope for a Woman?s Heart, she speaks straight to our souls through time-honored Scriptures, powerful personal stories, and deep reflections ontrusting God in the midst of challenges;choosing to live with joy, contentment, and thanksgiving;receiving God?s comfort and sharing it with others;prioritizing God?s Word and prayer; andresolving to love and forgive like God does.In this beautifully designed devotional, Pam will encourage you to draw nearer to the Lord, live a life that honors him, and depend on him?because he is the hope that your heart so desperately needs.