Hip-Hop AlphaBop Vol 1 Double CD

by Jack Hartmann
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Ages 5 to 10 -Early childhood skillsNew Hip-Hop Language and Reading Development Album Let today's catchy hip-hop rhythms and beats help children learn the most essential research based reading skills. Jack's cool collection of music and movement skill building activities will focus on: Language play and listening skills,åÊAwareness of patterns in language and sound,åÊBeginning, middle and ending words,åÊCompound words,åÊDigraphs,åÊBlends,åÊWord Recognition,åÊLetter and vowel sounds to a hip-hop beat and Language Development for the ESOL classroom. 1. Hip-Hop Alpha Bop 2. Freeze It 3. Hip-Hop to the Alphabet 4. The Cool Head and Shoulders Knees and Toes 5. Hip-Hop Humpty (movement) 6. Mrs. Clangbangbingbong 7. I'm Learning to Read 8. Pround to Be An American 9. Letters Sounds Yo Yo 10. These are the Vowels 11.Clapping Machine 1 12. Clapping Machine 2 13. Goldiloackcs and the 3 Bears (Rap) 14. Is It a Word or Not 15. Old MacDonald Had a Farm (English and Spanish 16. The All Wrong Old MacDonald Song 17. Hello All Around the World 18. I See Colors 19. Popcorn Words 20. It's A Big World 21. Have You Heard About Compound Words 22. Two Letters That Work Together 23. The Letter Sound Listening Game 24. Make New Sounds 25. The Reasons I Teach 26. You Let Him Sing