Heroic Path

by Anchor
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Wild at Heart for a new generation, join John Sowers on his personal journey to redefine "manhood" in a world where men change diapers, women change tires, and heroes come in all shapes and sizes. As head of the Mentoring Project, John's days are consumed with helping boys understand what it means to be a man. In this wise and compassionate book, Sowers takes readers along on the adventure of his own path to manhood and shares ways that they too can embrace their true masculine spirits as modeled by God, become their best selves and give back to their families and communities. Sowers explores the myths and stereotypes of manhood throughout history before introducing inspiring stories of modern-day heroes. His profiles include a Congressional Medal of Honor winner named Salvatore, a contemporary martyr named Christian, and--perhaps surprisingly--a 13-year-old girl named Riley. Along the way, he encounters timeless human characteristics such as courage, sacrifice, and respect for the opposite sex. THE HEROIC PATH also offers empowering opportunities for men who are more "cause-oriented" and who want to change the world, but need staying power and endurance.