Her Every Move (Feb)

by Anchor
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In a breathless race against the clock, a librarian teams up with a local homicide detective to hunt down a serial bomber.When a bomb explodes at an event planned by librarian Jackie Santoro and kills her best friend, a team of dedicated law enforcement agents puts her personal life under a microscope. A woman with her own checkered past, Jackie quickly becomes a suspect in what could be a revenge plot to even the score for her father’s suicide.Homicide Detective Avery Wick has doubts about Jackie’s innocence, but he struggles to ignore his attraction to the librarian. As more bombs go off around their city and the investigation deepens, the list of suspects only grows and he fears he can’t keep anyone safe.Despite the terror rampaging the city, the library is determined to hold the Caterina Ball, its biggest fundraiser, on the Day of the Dead. As San Antonio residents, government employees, city officials, and Jackie’s family gather at the Central Library, it becomes the perfect setting for the bomber to make his final, fatal strike.Jackie and Avery must join forces despite their mistrust to unmask the criminal before everything they know and love is destroyed.