HeartShaper Summer 2018: Pre-K & K Students Make-N-Share

by Anchor
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Children enjoy HeartShaper in-class make-and-share activities that support every lesson. Each week varies slightly; overall, they may include peel-n-press stickers, waterpaint and more fun activities that support each lesson. A sample is included in the Teacher\'s Convenience Kit.Order 1 per student.
HeartShaper is a fully resourced, dated Sunday school curriculum for toddlers through preteens. It includes six age levels and brings children through the Bible five times. HeartShaper teaches children how to have a personal relationship with Jesus, develop a solid knowledge of God\'s Word and apply it to their lives. This dated children\'s curriculum features a unique 15-page quarterly newsletter packed with ideas for teaching special needs learners, the pocket guide \Leading Young Hearts to the Lord\, plus student pages with contemporary art design created by world-class artists. Also try all of our HeartShaper Resources, including coloring books, activity books, and more!