Happy Times Sunday School Magazine: Aug/Sep Issue (#410074)

by Anchor
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This fun magazine is a wonderful resource to help adults talk to children about Jesus and to guide families in faith growth at home and church.

From the Editor - This Issue

These are Happy Times!

How do young children learn that God provides for us and hears and answers our prayers? They learn by hearing God’s Word and by hearing and talking with you and others about the evidence of God’s care in your world.

They learn by praying with you. They learn as you all ask God for things you need and also declare your adoration of our God with words about His might, power, and love. They learn as together you confess your sin and ask for and receive God’s forgiveness, and thank Him for His many blessings. In those times, they learn about our God’s care.

To share your trust in our mighty, loving, and caring God, end your prayers with a confident “Amen! It shall be so!”

Amen! Our caring God will bless you and your children with Happy Times in Him!

Living these Happy Times,
Pam Nummela, Editor