Greatest Speeches Of All Time CD

by SoundWorks
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This is a compilation of highlights of some of the most well-known speeches of modern times, spanning the years of 1940-1987. Tracks 1. John F. Kennedy: "Inaugural" 2. Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.: "I Have A Dream" 3. Richard M. Nixon: "Watergate Tapes" 4. Harry S. Truman: "Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner" 5. Franklin D. Roosevelt: "Declaration of War" 6. Robert F. Kennedy: "Democratic Convention" 7. Franklin D. Roosevelt: "Christmas Eve Address" 8. John F. Kennedy: "Ich Bin Ein Berliner" 9. Richard M. Nixon: "Resignation" 10. Ronald Reagan: "Evil Empire" 11. Ronald Reagan: "Berlin Wall" 12. Gen. Douglas MacArthur: "Farewell Address To Congress" 13. Winston Churchill: "First Radio Address As Prime Minister" Runtime: 70:19