Gospel Light KidsTime: God's Big Picture Music DVD-Full Year

by Anchor
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God\'s Big Picture Music DVD - Sing-along Fun for Kids! Reveal the Big Picture of God\'s Love through Music!

The plans of the Lord stand firm forever. The purposes of His heart through all generations. Psalm33:11

This colorful, action-filled DVD shows kids demonstrating and enjoying motions to all 18 songs for God\'s Big Picture. Your kids will love it! Music makes learning more effective, and actions make music memorable. That\'s why this is the fun, meaningful way to teach your kids songs about the Bible. It\'s easy for teacher\'s too!

The official music of Gospel Light\'s God\'s Big Picture KidsTime Kit! Reproducible word charts and lead sheets for all songs are available in the God\'s Big Picture Leader\'s Guide.

Eighteen songs designed to give kids the big picture of God\'s plan!

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