Goodness Of God

by Anchor
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God has good thoughts and plans for each one of us. If we will trust Him completely, He will lead us to everything good. There will come times when we must walk through difficulties, but if we trust God, we will always end up with the blessings of God. Our real trouble comes when we go our own way and follow a plan of our own choosing rather than the plan that God has set forth for us. The knowledge of The Goodness of God that you will find described in this book will cause your thinking to change so that you will make better decisions. "This book is a must-read for anyone wanting to see God move in his life, family, and ministry. I can testify of great changes in my thinking by hearing these principles taught for five years at Words of Life Church from the pulpit by Pastor David Hope. I believe this book will give you the insight to what God wants for your life. That is The Goodness of God." —Dr. David Yanez Director, RevMedia Network, RevMedia Publishing, and David Yanez Ministries Kingwood, Texas