God's Runaway DVD

by See the Light
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Art Supplies for ‰ÛÏGOD‰۪S RUNAWAY‰۝ LessonsMixed Media With Jim Pence: Salvation is From the Lord- 2 jugs of water ‰ÛÒ 1 for clean water, 1 for dirty water- Paper towels- Paper for watercolors- # 14 flat brush- #2 pencil- Craft foam brush- Blue permanent markers ‰ÛÒ 1 fine point, 1 broad point- Set of 16 watercolors- Crayola EXTREME Florescent crayons- Black light ‰ÛÒ available at: http://www.seethelightshine.com/store/materials.htmlChalk Pastel Lesson with Pat Knepley: Released!- Medium tone paper ‰ÛÒ 9‰۝ by 12‰۝- #2 pencil- Grey kneaded eraser- 12 or more chalk pastels- Florescent pastels ‰ÛÒ available at: http://www.seethelightshine.com/store/materials.html- Black light ‰ÛÒ available at: http://www.seethelightshine.com/store/materials.html- Baby Wipes- Box of Tissues- Old ShirtCreative Lettering with Heidi Shorts: OBEY!- White or light colored regular paper‰ÛÒ 8 å_‰۝ by 11‰۝- # 2 pencil- White eraser- 12‰۝ Ruler- Box of colored Pencils- Crayola EXTREME colored pencils: http://www.seethelightshine.com/store/materials.html- Black Light ‰ÛÒ available at: http://www.seethelightshine.com/store/materials.html