God Of Tomorrow

by Anchor
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This engaging resource from the author of award-nominated Messy Grace equips Christians to respond in grace and truth to the many polarizing cultural issues of our time, based on their trust that our God is sovereign and has a plan for tomorrow.

Divergent politics, immigration issues, bullying, re-defining family, racism, terrorism, new ways of categorizing people, and multiple other issues are splitting today’s society. Many people feel like the country they live in today isn’t the same country they lived in twenty years ago. They wonder what and how to think about divisive issues and how to face the future without fear. They aren’t sure how to love difficult people or those with differing beliefs.

God of Tomorrow unpacks how to move forward in confidence, knowing that the God you trust today has already prepared tomorrow. It also equips you to engage those around you with whom you may disagree, in loving and intentional ways.

Even though society is always changing, every cultural issue you confront today is something that Jesus, Peter, and Paul encountered in their day. Yet they trusted the God of Tomorrow, believed he was in complete control, and pointed people to the new world to come. God of Tomorrow shows you how to do likewise.