God Is Changing Your Field

by Anchor
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Join Pastor De Wet Steyn on this brief overview of the life of David, the giant-killing boy king. If we are born of God, then His desire for us is to experience overcoming and victory. And if this is true, then why are so many living defeated lives? The answer is because of a lack of faith. The purpose of God Is Changing Your Field is to stir up your faith to run toward your giants and experience victory and a change of field. Throughout history, God has always chosen ordinary men and women, empowered them through His anointing, and then used them to change the world. Goliath may have had the height advantage but David had the anointing advantage, meaning the invisible favor of God is greater than whatever visible obstacle you are facing. The very fact that you find yourself in a battle must be an indication that your present season is coming to an end. God is about to change your field.