Get On Your Knee Replacements And Pray! (Apr 2019)

by Anchor
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With wry humor, GET ON YOUR KNEE REPLACEMENTS AND PRAY! investigates possibilities for God\'\'s next assignment for us and, without preaching, suggests a mandate to intentional mission focused living. Readers who have retired or are considering retirement will chuckle as they look into the new opportunities to serve God with that discretionary income, unhinged schedule, and wisdom gained from experience. Cheerleaders encouraging the no-longer-young to stay in the game, the Kandels let readers laugh out loud at real life anecdotes proving that age isn\'\'t years; it is mindset. They offer a light-hearted challenge to those seeking new ministry opportunities not to let their number of birthdays stand in the way of their eternal impact. For many, the big music doesn\'\'t even begin until we are \well advanced in years.\ GET ON YOUR KNEE REPLACEMENTS AND PRAY! is an anti-aging product without going under the knife.Authors Kris, Karen, Linda, and Kathie are retired. They are a little north of middle age and a bit south of rigor mortis. So are they done? Not by a long shot.