Get a Winning Attitude

by Cerebellum
SKU: C1003779

Using Visualization: Leo doesn't feel confident that he can pass the next "belt test" in his martial arts class. After his friend tells him about visualizing his success, Leo is able to practice and succeed.Having Realistic Expectations: Discouraged after only one guitar lesson, Evy compares herself unfavorably to her brother who is proficient, and decides to quit. Her teacher encourages Evy to have more realistic expectations of her skill level and to keep trying.Hard Work Counts: Jake feels stupid when he fails a test, but the truth is that he put in a half-hearted attempt at studying. Yesenia becomes his study partner an encourages him by demonstrating that hard work really does pay off. Thinking Positively: Lindsey is asked to take an injured runner's place at the track meet but is convinced she will lose. Her mother helps her realize that she can replace negative thoughts with positive ones and give herself the boost she needs to try.