Free To Thrive (Aug)

by Anchor
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Overcome your struggles. Fulfill your deepest longings. Your whole life awaits you. Many people today experience unprecedented levels of struggles--anxiety, unhealthy relationships, porn use, unresolved hurt, and shame. Medical and mental health professionals confirm that much of the dysfunction and disconnectedness we experience in life stems from unaddressed or unresolved relational and emotional hurts. These hurts leave us with unfulfilled God-given longings that we seek to fulfill through unhealthy behaviors. Yet, our struggles aren\'t random; they\'re signals that when answered, can pave our way towards a thriving life. Free to Thrive provides a guide for that journey, as Josh McDowell and Ben Bennett blend hard-won wisdom and youthful passion to present biblical, time-tested, and research-supported principles for overcoming hurts, struggles, and hindrances to a whole life--a life of spiritual, emotional, and relational wholeness instead of brokenness--the kind of life every reader was born to live.