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by Anchor
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\I am a fanatic about freedom and I\'m fanatical about coming at you hard in this book.\Maybeyou\'re not as free as you think you are.  Even worse, you may have beenduped into believing that a \alanced\ life is the key to happiness (itisn\'t) or that a relationship with God is about layering on rules andrestrictions (nope).Tome says it best.  \I\'m tired of seeing peoplebeaten down by the world\'s systems and by religion.  I\'m sick of seeingpeople live safe, predictable lives while their God-given passiondies.  I hate the assumption that getting close to God means more rulesand restrictions.  No more.  God\'s offering real freedom.  Get yours.\\u00a0TheBible says that, \Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.\\u00a0Not fear.  Not guilt.  Not morality. Freedom.  You can have the sort ofjoy you thought only kids could have.  The day of freedom is here.