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FRANCHISE is a supernatural thriller that helps us understand spiritual warfare on a personal level. With God?s awesome angels protecting him, Daniel is led through a trial that takes him on a globe trekking odyssey from Los Angeles to Florida and on nerve-wracking flights to and from Rome while being pursued by assassins. Then finally back to the USA where courage and faith help him confront the enemy face to face. FRANCHISE takes the reader along with Daniel to ultimate victory and the antagonists into fearful confusion. When Daniel graduated from college and moved to Los Angeles he thought life couldn?t get any better. But then he landed a job at Pop?s Office Supply, a small franchise of about one hundred owners. Will and Winnie LaTrobe quickly became like parents to him and the franchisees like extended family. Going to work every day was a joy. The owners often told him stories of how Will had helped them through the tough times, when they were financially struggling or their business had gotten off track. Over the years, the franchise grew until it had spread overseas and the numbers attending their conventions mushroomed into thousands. Will had been able to steer the company through rough water while maintaining its integrity. Even through the turbulent years of going public on the stock exchange. However, then it was time for he and Winnie to retire. Will painstakingly took his time in choosing the highest quality candidate, but a few weeks before he was to start, the nominee took another offer, leaving Will no choice but to offer the job to his second choice . . . but in reality it was the first choice of a nefarious company that was bringing with them their own secret agenda. To take the franchise down. Within a few months Will?s top management was replaced by another team who were soon sowing their seeds of discord within the company. At first Daniel stood behind them, until his close friend and associate, Greg Salas, showed him a stock market prospectus; a formal legal document which is required by and submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission. The official paper included personal details of each of the new management team. Daniel was shocked to learn that the new president had been hired after leaving a company that had just gone into chapter eleven bankruptcy and that several of the new team members had also left companies in similar circumstances. But why? Daniel prayed asking the Lord to help him understand what was going on and from that moment it was evident that the Holy Spirit was leading him from one incident to another. He pieced together an intricate scheme of greed that would ultimately lead the company to destruction, the investors in their stock to financial loss and Pop?s franchise owners to ruin. The Recipe: Buy a popular blue-chip company offering premium dividends than invest heavily in the next company down the chain, with a much lower stock price . . . then, begin the assault on the first one in a ?legally illegal? way.