by Anchor
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After leaving prison, Massimillano Carron seeks the Judge who convicted him. He is convinced that Sicilian connections influenced the sentence and certain that bribery was involved.
Following her parents\' tragic death, despite youth and gender handicaps, M.K. McDonald solidified control of Kayleen Enterprises. Now a dark cloud has appeared. Sinister phone calls have resumed. Rumors have surfaced and her stability questioned. Kayleen Enterprises\' soundness has been undermined. Althought critics were silenced, further erosion of confidence can\'t occur. Determined not to go public and jeopardize the company, M.K. doubts she can expose this phantom foe. With fear mounting, McDonald turns instinctively to the One she trusts, her living Savior and Lord.
Inexplicably and violently, M.K.\'s life collides with Carron\'s. Is he an answer to her prayer, or the enemy masquerading as an angel of light?