Fisherman (Repack)

by Anchor
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He was a fisherman. An ordinary man providing for his family and dreaming of how to expand his business.

Until Jesus entered his life.

Here, in a spellbinding first-person account of the life of Simon Peter, Larry Huntsperger shows the gritty spiritual journey of one of Christianity\'s greatest men. When Peter met Jesus, his life turned upside down as he left everything to follow the Savior. Through Peter\'s eyes, you\'ll experience the miracles Jesus performed. You\'ll laugh as Peter contemplates launching a thriving business with Jesus\' ability to turn water into wine. You\'ll agonize with Peter as he stands on Golgotha and witnesses the crucifixion of the one he loves the most. Watch the events of the Gospels unfold as Peter makes choices that will change the world for all time.