Finding Your Way

by Anchor
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Youve been through the exhaustive midnight feedings, the strenuous climb up the corporate ladder, the muddled midlife crisis and menopause. Your golden years glisten in front of you and retirement life awaits. In the blink of an eye, youre shopping for diapers again but this time its not for your kids or grandkids. The road of life just took a detourwelcome to the sandwich generation.
For those wedged between two worlds, the possibility of feeling torn apart by the emotional seesaw they are riding is a fast-approaching reality. An Unexpected Detour will assuage feelings of guilt and anxiety as Sandy Lovern brings into focus all three perspectives in the situation. Whether dealing with the tough decisions of possibly bringing loved ones into your home or settling them into an assisted living facility, Loverns use of Scripture sheds Gods light upon the process of dealing with the failing health of a loved one.
Dont let your circumstances dictate your livelihood. Gods sovereign plan for your life has taken a new turn and An Unexpected Detour will help guide you down the path of the sandwich generation to an even more fulfilled life in Him.