Final Scenes

by Anchor
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Final Scenes is a collection of moving stories concerning end-of-life. Janet Stark\'s narrative style is fresh, honest and personal. Told in a heart-warming way, and at times with humour, Janet seeks to express the hope and comfort that come from compassionate care. Helping someone die is a privilege, and providing God\'s love, through human hands can be a blessing, helping the ill person and family reach spiritual wellness. Telling the story can also become a step in healing for the grieving loved one. Final Scenes is designed as a creative teaching tool. Filled with lessons about best practice in providing authentic hospice care, these stories can be discussed by the medical team; hospice and pastoral care volunteers; and the ill person and family. Janet\'s insight in end-of-life care comes from her experiences as Spiritual Care Director and Certified Multifaith Chaplain of a community hospital in Eastern Ontario. Prior to this, she was Palliative Care Education Coordinator in South East Ontario. She is a Certified Health Administrator and Adult Educator. Janet is also a Care Clown-\Jan-Anne the Nutcase\, and lives in Kemptville with her husband. She can be reached at: [email protected]