Fathers Love Letter

by Anchor
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An Intimate Message From God to You *a book of devotional readings and prayers Experienced by millions of people in over 100 nations via the Internet, ‰ÛÏFather‰۪s Love Letter,‰۝ a series of paraphrased Scriptures that take on the form of a love letter from God, is now available as a powerful devotional book. Father‰۪s Love Letter: An Intimate Message from God to You will impact your heart, soul and spirit. This full color gift book contains fifty-seven powerful devotional thoughts with heart-warming photograhy. A prayer that will help you put into words your response to God follows each devotional thought. The words in ‰ÛÏFather‰۪s Love Letter‰۝ are penned from a God who loves you and desires to be the Father that you have been looking for all your life. God wants to pick you up, give you a hug and whisper your name in your ear. You are His child and He is your Father. Experience the love you have been looking for all your life.