Faith Of A Father

by Anchor
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Using his 35 years in clinical practice, theological expertise, and professional self-analysis, this author takes the reader on a totally unique ride. That ride is structured as a father’s open letter to his daughter about his magnetic draw to faith in Jesus Christ. In that most personal, page-turning exposé to Kristen, this dad courageously discloses how his parents emotionally traumatized him as an infant and child, and how he was twice traumatized as an adult. He reveals utterly intimate details of how his mind was forged through trauma—driving his unchosen but painstaking quest for spiritual truth. In a highly readable style, he puts on graphic display the spiritual maelstrom that hypnotically drew him to a profoundly deep yet conflicted encounter with Jesus Christ. The touching story of this father’s emerging faith in Jesus is a spellbinding dynamic dance among various forces in his life: his multiple traumas; his Catholic upbringing; his love and admiration for his older brother; President John Kennedy’s vision; his draw to atheism; his encounters with Pastor John, Marie, Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, and Father O’Reilly; leaving his Catholic heritage; his strange encounter with the Spirit of Jesus; his search at seminary for what the Bible had to say about suffering and death; his longing for death; and his lifelong challenge in learning joy and hope through it all.