Faith, Farming, And Family (Oct)

by Anchor
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A young farmer?s wife draws on her life with kids, cows, and a front-porch view to help us see God?s goodness and beauty wherever we are, reminding us that the simple life is not a place to be but a way to be.When Caitlin, a small-town girl, fell in love with a farm boy named Jake Henderson, she had little idea what farm life?or marriage and motherhood?would bring. But raising a family on a farm is teaching her more about God?s goodness and grace than she could have imagined.Faith, Farming, and Family is a rich, story-filled walk through farmhouse hallways, harvest-ready fields, and God?s bountiful dreams for our lives. As Caitlin reflects on everything from wayward tractors to watching a marriage grow from surviving to flourishing, she reminds us to see the redemption in our own stories.Join Caitlin in exploring biblical truth through the eyes of a farmer?s wife, whether you are wrangling kids onto a school bus, sowing creative seeds in a business meeting, or walking the pastures of your own family farm. Faith, Farming, and Family invites us to recognize God?s beauty right in front of us so that we might find the courage to take the next step?or the first step?into His incredible calling.Story Locale: Kansas