Exploring Careers: What Would I Be Good At?

by Cerebellum
SKU: C1003892

Whether they want to be a professional athlete, teacher, doctor, pilot, or cartoonist, the career interests of middle school students naturally change frequently. Guided by two narrators, young teens have the opportunity to recognize their strengths, preferences and interests, and identify career categories that showcase their talents. Part one focuses on six personality types. Daphne is a Doer. She has a knack for fixing things and is practical, persistent, and realistic. Kevin is a Thinker. He‰۪s curious and logical. Kim is a Creator. She‰۪s artistic, imaginative, and independent. Jeff is a Helper. Outgoing and good in a group, he likes to please people. Victor is a Persuader. He loves debating a point and getting involved. Katie is an Organizer. She is careful, loves to organize information and follows directions. Part two connects students‰۪ personality types to jobs at the local hospital ‰ÛÓ matching their interests and natural abilities.