English Literature from 1901 to 1950

by Thomas Klise
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From the death of Queen Victoria in 1901 to the coronation of Queen Elizabeth in 1952, there were slightly more than fifty years, but what a world of difference between the two eras. There were strong differences, not only in outward appearances (style of dress, modes of transportation, and the like), but also differences in the ideals and beliefs of the people. These were the differences of a people who had seen the rise of England to the status of most powerful nation in the world, to a people who had lived through two world wars and experienced a deep disillusionment with so much that had once been held sacred. This program entitled English Literature From 1901 to 1950 describes the influence that World Wars I and II and the theories of Marx and Freud had upon the lives and works of authors like D. H. Lawrence, George Orwell, Dylan Thomas, and Virginia Woolf. Kit includes 5 lessons, 12 transparencies, student handouts, testing, vocabulary, projects, and more.