English As A Second Language

by TMW
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A self-teaching tool designed to teach ESL students how to pronounce, speak, remember and read with ease and confidence. This 6-lesson program teaches the sounds that have distinct phonetic characteristics and follow specific rules. Students are asked to repeat after the narrator in an easy to follow format; allowing the student to learn English pronunciation at their own pace. Lesson 1: Learning and Remembering the Alphabet. This lesson uses a unique method to help students learn each letter, retain the sound each letter makes and associate that sound with a visual image for retention. Lesson 2: Pronunciation ‰ÛÒ Consonants, Vowels and Syllables. This lesson covers the Closed Syllable Rule, Short and long vowels, The Open Syllable Rule and the Rule of Silent E. Lesson 3: Blends, Diagraphs and R Controls. This lesson covers consonant groupings that make blended sounds, diagraphs ‰ÛÒ two consonants making one sound and how vowels change sound when before the consonant R. The Q/U rule is also covered. Lesson 4: C and G, The Soft Sounds. This lesson covers rules for making a soft C or G when followed by an E or I. Lesson 5: Diphthongs or Vowel Teams. This lesson covers the rule ‰ÛÏ When two vowels go walking the first one does the talking.‰۝ It includes usual rules for long vowel sounds, examples of diphthong sounds that are neither long or short and vowel teams that can have different attributes such as ‰ÛÏEA‰۝ ‰ÛÏOU‰۝ and ‰ÛÏUE‰۝. Lesson 6: The Rule of Y and Sight Words. This lesson covers when Y is a consonant and when Y is a vowel depending on its position in a word. Sight words are exceptions to any of the Rules covered.