eBook-Love Stains

by Anchor
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The definition of an evangelist is \'one who brings good news.\' That\'s pretty uncomplicated - which is how Bob likes to keep it. Let\'s be real: Most of us have heard an evangelist bring a condemning message to the Church instead of one that is empowering.The purpose of this book is to show a different picture of evangelism altogether. That\'s right. No tracts. No door-to-door. Evangelism is not about closing a sale - it\'s about loving people.Imagine God using us just the way we are to touch people in everyday life...What would that look like? A simple smile, a gentle word of encouragement, a prophetic statement, a gift given in due season, the courage to hold the heartbroken, the ability to love the unlovable, heal the sick, and deliver the oppressed - all because of Jesus in us.Love is messy. Jesus\' love was messy. His garments were stained when blood poured from his side as His love was displayed on that unforgettable day. But in the midst of that mess, love left a mark. Love stains are imprinted on people\'s hearts forever.