Dominion Over Demons

by Anchor
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You Have Authority over the Devil!

What are demons, and what is their connection with drugs, lust, pornography, crime, and mental illness?

H. A. Maxwell Whyte vividly describes his experiences with the demon oppressed and the demon possessed. He provides fascinating information on how to recognize the power of the devil. While curiosity about the occult and the supernatural pervades our society, the devil\'s best defense has been successfully deluding mankind into thinking that he does not exist. Whyte addresses such subjects as...

  • The strange world of spirits

  • The personification of demons

  • The snare of deceptions

  • Understanding your authority

  • The force of the bloodline

Most important, he shows how faith in the power of Christ inundates the devil\'s influence. Your faith will rise as never before as you behold your God-given authority over Satan that comes from the mighty name of Jesus.