Do All Lives Matter?

by Anchor
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Inner-city pastor Wayne Gordon and Civil Rights legend John M. Perkins help readers understand our current racial crisis, offering them practical, real-world strategies so they can be part of the solution.

The belief that all lives matter is at the heart of our founding documents--but we must admit that this conviction has never truly reflected reality in America. Movements such as Black Lives Matter have arisen in response to recent displays of violence and mistreatment, and some of us defensively answer back, \All lives matter.\ But do they? Really?

This book is an exploration of that question. It delves into history and current events, into Christian teaching and personal stories, in order to start a conversation about the way forward. Its raw but hopeful words will help move us from apathy to empathy and from empathy to action.

We cannot do everything. But we can each do something.