Deepening Your Faith - How to Develop High Ethical Standards, Exemplary Values & Strong Personal Faith

by TMW
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This program helps families incorporate Christian values into their daily lives. It reinforces traditional values and gives guidance on how to approach life‰۪s challenges and the tools needed to deal with them. Each program provides support for families through a Christian perspective along with practical advice on every aspect of living as a Christian in today‰۪s World. The Search for Personal Faith: Does a deep, personal, committed faith have a place in our increasingly sophisticated, technically oriented world? Yes, but it rarely comes easily. Listen to the real-life stories of people who have undertaken a single-minded "Search for Personal Faith" and discovered, somewhat paradoxically, that ultimately faith is a gift. Stories of Faith - Experience Gods Empowerment to Serve Others in Inspiring Ways: Faith expressed in words alone is ineffectual and ultimately empty. Scripture contends that we can do nothing to earn God's favor and that that faith is a gift. This program discusses the belief, that God searches for and saves us and ultimately motivates us to conduct acts of faith. Watch as people share stories of faith, encouragement and hope while experiencing Gods empowerment to serve others in inspiring ways. The Faith of an Athlete: Accomplished athletes, professional and amateur, occupy places of honor in our competitive society. Among the rewards for pro players are stratospheric salaries, prompting concerns that money is the most important motivating factor in sports. Despite the stereotypes rooted in the lifestyles and antics of certain ultra-rich sports luminaries, some successful athletes demonstrate high ethical standards, exemplary values and strong personal faith. Their stories, run counter to the typical mind-set in sports - namely, "What's in it for me?" In this program, top athletes - active and retired - tackle the issue of maintaining high values while competing in the world of sports.